What Not To Wear To The Christmas Party And Why It Causes Back Pain

It’s that time of the year, when Christmas parties abound and people are in a dress up festive mood!!! Cheers all around!!! And if you, or anyone you know is anything like many women I know, the Christmas party outfit’s recently purchased, set out in waiting or still on the purchase list.

IF this year is ANYTHING like past years, we will start to see many women coming in with complaints of low back pain, that was “aggravated at the Christmas party.” Though, after further investigation, it was set-up by the choice of shoe ware that was carefully picked out for the occasion.

Though you may be someone who is used to being on your feet all day, or worse yet, IF you are NOT on your feet a lot during the day, holiday parties can wreak havoc on your back. It is NOT often that you are wearing heeled shoes, as you choose to do for the formal Christmas get togethers. These shoes tend to NOT be as comfortable as your everyday foot wear, but worse, they put unfamiliar and increased pressure on your low back which creates the perfect set-up for problems later on, both in your back, as well as your feet.

Typically, when all excited for the gatherings and looking forward to being with your family, friends and co-workers, you DO NOT feel the tightness of the shoes or the pressure in your back, as you will not wear those shoes for prolonged periods of time before the big occasions.

Then comes party time and you enjoy yourself, you drink a little and talk a lot, but then the morning comes quickly. You wake up with aches and pains, and may even need help getting out of bed to start your day. You figure extra standing and walking were the culprits and the aches and pains will pass quickly. Days go by and though the ache may have eased a little, your body is just not fully recovering and you cannot ignore it any longer. Frustration sets in, you may even get an x-ray that shows degeneration and maybe even the dreaded arthritis (to some degree from very mild to severe). [sound familiar?]

Let’s rewind and review what really happened and what is really going on: Wearing high heels increases the pressure through your back by a multiple of about 25x, they also alter the way you walk, all which leads to delayed onset back pain. (Meaning you miraculously did not develop degenerative issues or arthritis????)

Although it’s tempting to slip on a pair of heels, if you choose a soft cushioned pair of shoes instead, your lower back will experience 25 times less pressure and force placed upon it. And, with all of that dancing, drinking and socializing that goes on at the party(s), do you really want to put that much strain on your lower-back each time you place your foot on the ground?

So, this year why not trade your heels for a pair of well fitted, cushioned flats. Heels may look good – but low back pain isn’t really that fashionable, is it?

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Have a fabulous Christmas and PLEASE make wise choices for your back!!!!

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