Here are the results of our last 8 new patients in our Harrisburg office. ONLY treatment was with Total Motion Release and results are what patient reported at end of session.

  • 1. 51y/o female with neck/shoulder pain fot 2 months. TMR resulted in 85-90% relief.
  • 2. 41y/o female. Chest Pain, after MVA  1 year ago. TMR treatments afforded 95+% relief.
  • 3. 70y/o male, Knee surgery, with complaints of pain with flexion. TMR afforded 50+% relief.
  • 4. 18y/o male with low back pain of  x 5 months. TMR afforded 90+% relief.
  • 5. 32y/o male with ankle sprain x 3 weeks. TMR treatments afforded 100% relief.
  • 6. 43y/o male, MVA 2 months prior with LBP and cervical pain. TMR afforded 80% relief.
  • 7. 37y/o male tennis elbow x 5 months. TMR treatment afforded 75-80% relief.
  • 8. 74y/o male with ankle pain and distal LE swelling. TMR resulted in 80+% relief.

By balancing out imbalances in the body, we were able to significantly relieve these patients of their pains and limitations. To learn more about our physical therapy and sports medicine services please visit our website at: http://www.volkpt.com/

Dean Volk PT, MPT

Dean, graduated with a Master’s degree in Physical Therapy from Northern Arizona University and has furthered his studies with a number of post-graduate courses focusing on the shoulder, knee, and back, with a strong emphasis in manual therapy. He has completed all Levels (I,II & III) of training in Total Motion Release which has afforded him an excellent way to relieve pain and restore function quickly and effectively. With 20+ years experience in Physical Therapy, Dean has practiced in various orthopedic and sports focused clinical settings, in Phoenix, AZ, Charlotte,NC and most recently Charleston, SC. During his years of service, Dean has cared for a wide variety of clients: from school-aged children to retirees, from homemakers to business professionals, from weekend warriors to professional athletes.

Dean and his wife Trudy have 2 sons, Ben and Jesse who both graduated from the College of Charleston. Dean is an avid sports fan, enjoys spending time with his family and working with his clients to improve their lives.
Dean Volk PT, MPT

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