Winter, Back Pain & the Truth

Now that the holidays have passed and we have had our Arctic blast, hopefully the last one of the winter……we can get back to doing the things we love, and overlooked during the holidays. I know so much slipped through the cracks for us and I am hoping to continue working hard and strong these next few months to make 2018 a bigger success than 2017. With the winter season, shorter overall days (though we past the shortest day of winter already), cooler days and colder nights, typically leads to more indoor activities, and less overall physical activities.

……..And with that, comes something that can creep up on you unexpectedly at this time of year – back pain. I’ve already started to hear the conversations from patients that they’re experiencing a few aches and pains in their lower back. The type of aches that “suddenly” gets a bit more annoying, nagging and painful on a daily basis…

It is NOT uncommon for me to hear stories of how the low back ache, pain and soreness “crept up on me over the past months,” and like many many people do, it gets ignored with the hopes it will go away on its own!! SO many clients believe it will just go away on its own (like it may have when they were a teenager). OR, they go to the doctor who immediately prescribes muscle relaxers, anti-inflammatories, or pain meds, or some combination of the three. Others look up help on the internet, which can be painfully wrong IF there is no knowledge of what actually IS the underlying problem. Some seek out friends advice, who suffer from back pain as well, but IF the underlying issue is not addressed properly, the needless suffering continues…….DOES any of this sound familiar to you?? Do you know a friend or loved one who has tried these things?? How successful were they in overcoming the torture and getting back to living life fully??

IF this sounds familiar to you — YOU are NOT alone!!! AND, once you pass 40, and move into your 50’s, the above scenarios become all the more too familiar, then the DREADED, “it’s just your age and you will have to live with it,” starts to be heard, or the famous — ‘you have degeneration in your spine and you will have to get used to this pain’ starts……ALL of which is false, though since it has been said over and over, we start to actually believe it!!!

Did you know that over 50% of people, age 40, with NO pain in their backs showed degenerative disc and joint disease on scans?? That number grows each year and people 50 years old showed 80% with disc degeneration, but NO PAIN.

Because of this, I have put together a FREE Back Report to help those suffering. It is called, “9 Quick Easy Ways to End Back Pain and Stiffness…Without Taking Painkillers or Having to Call and See the MD!” IF you, or someone you know can relate to the above stories, PLEASE » CLICK HERE and get your FREE copy TODAY

There is NO reason to keep on suffering needlessly when there ARE answers!!! Let US help you by GIVING you a FREE REPORT!!

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