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“I was skeptical at first because the method used was very different than anything I had experienced before. But my progress was not only quick, but virtually pain-free! All in all, it was a wonderful experience. And the staff is very nice also.” *

J. Chandler Mid 30s, Concord, NC

“My experience here has been awesome. The staff have been friendly, encouraging and wonderful. I have truly enjoyed coming here for my PT sessions. When I reflect on where I was several months ago with my back and leg pain, I know I have improved quite a bit. The various exercises i have learned are very helpful and have become part of my daily routine. They not only help with my back problems, but give me a good overall workout. I am able to stay on my feet for longer periods of time. The decrease in overall pain is a big relief for me physically and mentally. I am so glad and thankful for Volk's help with my back problems. Thank you!” *

Eric Henning Age 51, Charlotte, SC

“The experience is unique [had been to another clinic without results]. The treatment has fast results. And the therapists are helpful, personal and positive.” *

Samantha Barnhart Late teens, Harrisburg, NC

“I was pleasantly surprised at how this technique worked for me. My ADL’s have improved significantly and for that I am very grateful. Dean and his staff are very professional. i was put at ease immediately on my first day. I especially appreciate how Dean listens to your issues and addresses them with knowledge and compassion.” *

Diane Garvey Early 70s, Concord, NC

“I was injured at work and thought I would be gone for a long time. I struggled with simple activities like going up the stairs or showering. June made it quick and easy for me to get right back into work with no troubles. Without PT, I probably would still be at home trying to gain the strength back on my own. The staffs uplifting attitudes and smiling faces made me not hate my journey to recovery. now I don't struggle with anything.” *

Allison Lattanzi Age 16, Charlotte, SC

“When I first came to see Dean I had been suffering for almost 5 months. After one visit I was getting relief. After 4 visits I am pain-free, and my legs are feeling the best they have in over 7 years.” *

Micahel Carneglia Mid 50s, Concord, NC

“I came with disbelief that my pain (of 6 years) would be alleviated through physical therapy. Now I am a believer. I am walking out pain-free (5 visits over 3 weeks), after the PT I received from Dean and his staff. They are professional and very effective…” *

Earline Ward Mid 50s, Concord, NC

“My sons hamstring injury was not improving on its own and I knew we needed to do more. I have never had to do PT in the past and didn't know what to expect. The experience exceeded expectations! The staff and therapist were wonderful. Times and schedules were available that worked for us. I would recommend Volk PT to anyone that needed PERSONALIZED therapy.” *

Miles Stallings Age 14, Fort Mill, SC
(written by mom)

“VOLK PT staff are truly miracle worker. I would like to thank the entire Volk staff—their personalities and compassion are beyond compare, willing to listen and share their own stories, making you feel like family rather than a patient.

I can in NO way thank VPT enough for the recovery and strengthening program. It truly has brought back a quality of lift that I thought I would never see again after a double knee replacement. I have personally witnessed other patients, some with chronic problems for years that have walked away feeling better than they have in years and doing things they never thought they would be able to do again.” *

David Audley Early 60s, Concord, NC

“The staff was friendly, courteous and thoroughly professional. I was always greeted by name as soon as I arrived and never had to wait. I felt the environment created was friendly and fun, if you can believe therapy can be accomplished in a fun environment! I felt like the routines were custom designed to fit me and my individual needs and not just a ‘canned approach.’ I considered my overall experience at Volk to be excellent.” *

Ron Smith Mid 50s, Concord, NC

“I could hardly walk, and I came into Volk PT and on the first day of therapy I walked out feeling much better. It was amazing. I could not believe that my knee was feeling much better because they only worked on my “good” side—Sounds crazy—but it works. I would recommend (and have) anyone who needs PT to come to Volk. The staff is awesome!” *

Sandra Cox

“I really didn’t expect to see any improvement for my lower back pain due to arthritis. But it really feels like a miracle — pain-free! Plus I know what to do if it comes back. Thank you all so much.” *

Judith Kaifas

“Very satisfied. The first time I came to therapy I could not believe how much better I felt. After exercises at home and in therapy (4 visits) I felt good and pain-free after months of pain.” *

Pat Allen

“I had been to other PT locations without much success. After one session @ Volk PT my pain level had decreased and range of motion had increased. Within a few sessions (3) the pain had completely gone away and I was back to being able to resume my normal activities, such as gardening and exercising.” *

Marjorie Brown

“Before Volk PT, I was unable to find relief, and it was causing problems with sleep/work. After coming to Volk PT, I’m now able to control the pain and the pain is not controlling me.” *

Ron Blackmon

“I have always found Mr. Volk and his therapists to provide the patients with the utmost respect and excellent care. I would have no hesitation in referring any of my patients to him for his physical therapy and rehabilitation. I feel he is one of the more outstanding therapists in the Phoenix region.” *

Dr. M. Lee Team Physician, AZ Diamondbacks

“I am an orthopedic surgeon and Dean has consistently looked after my patients, not only rehabilitating them, strengthening them and alleviating their pain, but educating them as well. I feel he is an excellent person who is honest and his skills are unsurpassed.” *

Dr. F. Tindall

* Results may vary from person to person

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