SPORTS INJURY“How to Get Fit and Stay Fit With the Secret Recovery Strategies Pro Athletes Know and Use Every Day!”

Dean Volk, PT, MPT

Dean Volk, PT, MPT

A quick personal message Dean Volk, The Carolinas Leading PT:

THIS REPORT is for the person who LOVES to be active, but is struggling to overcome an injury...

Having worked with many athletes, from weekend warriors to pro athletes, and everything in between, I have found a very common theme between them all. Active people HATE to be slowed down and typically DO NOT take the necessary time to allow their bodies to fully heal, thus starting a pattern of re-injury, or one injury after another. IT is SO frustrating to miss out on activities and most people believe IF they just push through the discomfort, they will be fine. That is just NOT the case. No Pain - No Gain, when dealing with injuries is a fallacy and many times leads to ongoing issues and more damage that actually takes longer and longer to fully heal.

This is the reason I published this Report, to help people avoid the never ending aches and pains, that start with a simple tweak or injury, that can lead to a vicious cycle of repeated injuries, or due to trying to avoid the same injury, straining other parts of your body, causing new injuries.

My hope is you find the tips and tricks in this FREE Report helpful and beneficial to STOP the cycle of repeated injuries and once and for all, get you back to 100% without fear of re-injury.

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FREE REPORT: “The 7 Secret Recovery Strategies PRO ATHLETES Know and Use EVERY DAY”

In Just 19 Pages I’ll SHOW You Step-By-Step, Week By Week Recovery Tactics That Will Let You Get Fit… And Stay Fit, As Quickly As The Pro Athletes Do It!

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I have always found Mr. Volk and his therapists to provide the patients with the utmost respect and excellent care. I would have no hesitation in referring any of my patients to him for his physical therapy and rehabilitation. I feel he is one of the more outstanding therapists in the Phoenix region. *

(Dean started his career in Phoenix)

Dr. M. Lee
Dr. M. Lee Team Physician, AZ Diamondbacks

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