Running Injuries: What Your Doctor Isn’t Telling You About Your Knee Pain

This post is for the runner who is suffering with annoying, daily knee pain.

You know the type of ‘burning sensation’ and ‘sharp pain’ that comes on gradually on the outside of your knee?

The kind that can even make you feel so nauseated, that you feel your only option is to stop running, reach into the cupboard for the box of painkillers, and worry about how long the Doctor is going to tell you to rest this time…

Well the thing is, dosing up on painkillers isn’t good for your stomach, and the long periods of rest that you’ve been told you ‘should do’, are unlikely to do you much good either.

It is not uncommon for us to get the calls from those runners who have been running for years, and even though they experience dull aches in their knee(s) every now and then, they never think much of it and keep running through the pain.

…Until that dull ache becomes knee pain and starts getting more and more intense.

Each time they go for a run they get to the end of their driveway, and end up having to call it a day, scared to do anything.

So, frustrated with the lack of running ability, they do what any smart runner does – they go to the doctor.

…And as you may have guessed, if you’ve ever visited the doctor with knee pain before, you are told to stop running and to take painkillers &/or anti-inflammatories to block out the pain.

But the thing is, YOU love keeping active! And the thought of doing nothing for weeks drives you crazy…

…which is why those runners typically give us a call to see if we could get them running again and sooner than anticipated– without having to take ANY painkillers too!

If you’re experiencing any dull ache, or burning sensations in your knees while out on your runs – you don’t have to mask the pain by popping pills and taking long periods of rest.

Yes, rest is vital to easing your knee pain… but there’s a few things that you can do to keep active and your joints mobile during your recovery.

If you shudder at the thought of a no-exercise prescription, I’d highly recommend mixing core strength exercises into your routine, which our team of specialists can show you easily how to do.

Why do I recommend this? Well, a strong core helps to maintain your posture as well as keeping the knees in-line – reducing the risk of injuries that can stop you from doing the activities you enjoy the most.

Gentle walking is a great way to stay active, and swimming is fine as well.

If you’d like to discover more ways to ease running injuries, or just simply get help for your knees, so you can stay as active as you would like to be – you can pick up your free copy of the 7 Simple Ways To Stop Chronic, Daily Annoying Knee Pain… Without Injections, Taking Painkillers Of Having To Wear A Support!” by clicking this button:

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