Low Back Pain Sufferers

Do you suffer with low back pain? Do you have difficulty getting out of bed in the AM? Or bending forward? How about sitting? Or walking? Do you have to hold onto a cart or take breaks while shopping? Is it difficult to put your shoes and socks on? Do you cringe thinking about getting in and out a car?

IF any of these things describes you, or someone you know, please read on…

IF this is you, and it has gone on for any significant amount of time, most likely one of three things is happening: You may have 1) arthritis or stenosis, 2) a bulging or herniated disc or 3) a pelvis or SI joint issue.

The GOOD NEWS is all of these conditions are treatable, IF you have the right person to help you!!! The WORST things you can do are IGNORE the problem and just hope it goes away, live on medications and pray they start to help long term, or rest and hope that time will heal you on its own.

The GREAT NEWS is that the back specialists at Volk Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine are here to help and we KNOW how to 1) alleviate your pain, 2) stretch, strengthen and stabilize the affected area and 3) help you return to normal activities without nagging issues.

By looking at your whole body, finding imbalances and issues affecting your back, that may not even be close to the area of pain, we can speed up your recovery, teach you how to control your symptoms and get you back to doing the things you love quickly and smoothly. There is no reason you need to continue to miss out on life, the things you love or the people you enjoy!!

Give us a call today at 704-455-1172 and ask how to set up an appointment at one of our convenient locations in Concord or Harrisburg, NC, or ask about our Charleston concierge service: 843-597-8135.

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