Knee Pain: 3 Things You May Be Doing That Make Knee Pain Worse

Have you been experiencing knee aches and pains like so many of my clients recently? The kind that slows you down, pains you when you walk up or down stairs, aches when you try to bend over, stings when you try to stand up and just generally leaves you feeling frustrated? Keeps making you wonder if it will ever go away? IF this sounds like you, you are not alone!

More often than not, whether you’re dealing with annoying, nagging knee pain, or recovering from something more serious, there’s something you may be doing that’s making it feel even worse.

So here are 3 things many of my clients are doing to aggravate their knee issues. By changing these things, you may see a difference in your knees as soon as TODAY!

1. Wearing High Heels or Dress Shoes

It is sad, but true, your favorite pair of heels, or dress shoes, could be causing your knee pain, or making it worse. High heels change the way you walk and add new stresses to your knees which is not helpful when dealing with knee issues. Same with dress shoes, that are either too tight, or have a hard heel and no padding. Each foot strike causes more pressure through the knee than normal, thus continuing the problems in the knee(s).

To help this problem, choose shoes with good cushioning, softer soles and good support. Good cushioning and good support help absorb the impact of your foot hitting the ground and minimize the stress in your knees. Now, this does not mean you have to abandon your heels or dress shoes permanently, instead, wear them less frequently and save them for those special occasions.

2. Sitting with Your Knees Bent for Prolonged Periods of Time.

There’s so much ‘gossip’ that surrounds knee pain. But this is FACT… you and I were not designed to sit. It goes against every basic, fundamental rule of how we were designed to function. When you sit at a desk or in a chair with your knees bent underneath you, you’re stretching ligaments and muscles and placing your knee in a position that is unnatural – and a position your knees are meant to be in for too long. So, limit the amount of time you sit with your knees bent, (keep them out straight for as long as possible) – and keep them moving too.

3. NOT Drinking Enough Water.

One of the easiest things we can do for ourselves, no matter what our issues are, is to drink more water. While Motion is Lotion for our bodies, water is the foundation and “hydrater” of our tissues and joints and it keeps our knees lubricated for pain-free movement. Without enough water, all of our body systems strain to function properly, and our joints are less hydrated than needed. Drink enough water every day and you will be surprised at how much better you feel. Simply put, MOST people can safely up their water intake significantly. IF you are drinking less than 2 quarts of water a day, you need to up your intake.

So, there you have it, three simple things that you can start or stop doing today, to help ease your knee pain fast and stop it from getting worse. There’s obviously so much more you can do too, but these are the fundamentals and if you apply them daily, you’ll feel a huge difference.

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