“It Hurts All the Way From My Butt to My Ankle!”

“It Hurts All the Way From My Butt to My Ankle!”

“Why Am I Going Through This!?”

“I Didn’t Do Anything to Cause This!”

Sound familiar? Have you or someone you love said these things recently? Unfortunately, as I woke up at 2am, my wife was moaning these exact words. I actually wrote them down as they sounded so familiar with SOO many of my clients in the past. Can you relate? Have you said these words yourself?

IF you have, YOU have come to the right place! My wife’s sciatica episode came out of nowhere, hit fast, was intense, BUT—we acted quickly, did the right things and it was over, nearly as quickly as it began, AND it has now been over a month since it stormed in and NO signs or symptoms have been noted in nearly 3 weeks. You see, we knew what to do and did it, the first couple days were painful and without relief and like most, when relief came, she overdid it a bit and took 2 steps backwards. But, after only 6-8 days, Trudy was nearly back to 100%, though she was constantly being reminded to be careful and NOT to push it too fast or too hard so we could avoid the typical relapse.

What did we do that helped so quickly? Other than exercises to the GOOD side only, we tried CBD oil (without much relief noted), used a healthy dose of ice, changed positions frequently to stay as comfortable as possible without aggravating symptoms, walked around the apartment until the leg or back started to act up and then found ANY position to sit, lay or lean for relief. Was it time consuming? YES! Was it fun? NO! Did it work? YES!.. DO some people have more significant symptoms? I would have dared you to compare them at its worst as Trudy had near sleepless nights, unbearable days and pain from her buttocks to foot that paralyzed her and MOST of time, during the first 3-4 days, and she could NOT find a comfortable position at all.

The lesson to be learned here is this: IF you do the right things at the right times and DO NOT push things, overdo it, MOVE into painful positions (IF AT ALL POSSIBLE) and by avoid stretching and straining the BAD buttocks / leg, but stretch the GOOD side as able  Sciatica CAN be beaten and symptoms overcome and life restored! Is it easy? NO! Is it worth it? YES…

So, my question to you is this: What are YOU doing differently today, compared to yesterday to get the results and relief YOU deserve?? IF NOTHING, it is time to stop the insanity and change things up because — IF you keep doing what you have been doing, and it has not yet worked, you will keep getting the same results.

FOR some help, PLEASE feel free to take advantage of our FREE Discovery Sessions at Volk PT, by calling 704-707-4282 in Charlotte or (843) 597-8135 in Charleston. See what YOU can be doing today to get the relief YOU deserve!

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