Volk Physical Therapy in Concord asks: Is Your Body “In Balance” and Functioning Optimally?

Have you recently recovered from an injury and just feel like something is “off.” Are you currently battling an ankle, knee or hip injury and feeling like your back is starting to get sore?? Are you a runner, biker or any activity that requires repetitive motions / movements and having problems fully recovering from simple injury due to aches and pains elsewhere?? OR, are you currently suffering from any kind of tightness, soreness, discomfort or pain and just cannot seem to get back to your normal activities due to pain, or worse, fear of the pain returning?

IF you, or someone you know can relate to what you just read, YOU are NOT alone! Volk Physical Therapy in Concord sees and hears this ALL THE TIME. It is so common to NOT fully get back to your once active, mobile self, that I am taking time to write about it, as well as make a video series just for YOU! To see the first installment of the series, click HERE, and I will simply explain what is happening to you, and what happens to so many people who throw their hands up and want to give up EVER getting back to their previous activities.

You see, all of our bodies respond to aches, pains, tightness, soreness and discomfort in a similar way. It is called compensation, though NOT the type of compensation you would desire, though it is your bodies way of “paying you” for the injury you caused or allowed to happen, or even if you suffered an accident. Our bodies are experts at trying to avoid pain, discomfort, tightness, that other parts of our body tries to overcome the symptomatic area and either tighten up, pull away from or simply, “compensate” for the injured area. This leaves an imbalance throughout your body, when comparing right side to left sides. Sort of the way your car has a massive pull to one side when you suffer a tire blow out, while driving, the other 3 tires pick up the slack and you notice a huge strain through the steering wheel, causing you to have to compensate for the missing tire. This is similar, though often times not as drastic, to what your body does to compensate for aches, pains and soreness. Other parts of your body get overused, tighter, bear more weight or simply strain to try to help overcome the area of the body in need, and does anything it needs to avoid the pain.

IF these areas that have compensated for your symptoms are not addressed, it is possible that they may not return to their “normal” condition and thus cause you to feel “out of balance,” a little “off,” or not quite 100%. IF this is you, Volk Physical Therapy in Concord has put together this quick video which hopefully can answer some of those questions about your lingering issues. Click HERE to view. This is JUST an introduction, with more videos to follow…….

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