Having Knee Pain With Squatting?

I get this type of complaint in my clinics often—

“Hey Dean, I really haven’t done anything, but when I climb steps, move from standing to sitting or vice versa, but worst of all, when I try to squat down for anything, I get severe pain in my knee and I don’t know why!”

Typically, weeks before they noted an occasional ache or twinge in knee and ignored it as they felt it would just go away. And, since that time, it had gotten more and more intense and constant. Sound familiar??So, here is what is happening…..


So what is the pain in your knees?

Think of it like this – each time you run and bend your knee, your knee cap rubs against your thigh muscle, and just like if you were to rub your hand against your arm, eventually your arm would go red and become sore after a while… Well the same happens with your knees! Also, as you bend your knee, increased pressure occurs inside your knee and a lot of compressing between the long bone of your upper leg moving on your lower leg bone, compressing the cushioning between the bones. Either one of these, or a combination of them, as well as any muscular imbalance could be causing the pain in the knee. If there was not a specific injury, like a torn ligament due to a specific injury, this pain can often be controlled pretty easily.

So what’s the solution?

It can be a simple case of strengthening the knee muscles (and hip and lower back ones too), to make them stronger and support you better. But, what I have found for quick relief is a simple motion that can used to alleviate knee pain with squatting in most people. IF you have been following my series on body balancing and the rationale behind it, this will make sense to you, IF you have not viewed the intro video, watch this to help you understand…….Click HERE

But, as I promised, here is the number one exercise I use, to help alleviate pain with squatting. Click HERE to watch and PLEASE let me know how it worked for you……

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