Get YOUR Body Prepared for Golf So You Can Make It to the 19th Hole

Spring is here, and golf season is upon us. Many people are taking heart, that Tiger is once again roaring, and golfers are hoping they can return to their glory days as well. Tiger is 3 tournament wins away from tying Sam Snead for MOST wins ever by a golfer — pretty amazing seeing how he only has 3 less wins, but accomplished over 18 years, compared to Sam’s 30 years (including Tiger being winless in nearly 5 years due to injuries). MORE impressive is his Major wins doubled Snead and he is ONLY 4 major wins from Jack Nicklaus’ 18, which was achieved in 7 more years of play.

Back to you and your golf! Due to the typical decreased activity levels in the Winter time, you are less flexible and a little weaker in the Spring. Yet, we all expect our bodies to respond as if we have been active throughout the winter. Whether we relaxed and “hibernated” this winter or not, getting our body adequately ready for golf season takes some planning and work. Even IF you remained active during the Winter, the golf swing is not a natural movement and keeping your body balanced, flexible and strong are key to safe and effective play. Though many people spend money buying the latest and greatest clubs, they tend to overlook the most important piece of equipment they have, their bodies.

Golf actually takes a physical toll on the body, and in order to help avoid injuries, and safely make it to the 19th hole consistently, here are ways to prepare yourself for this golfing season.

There are four things golfers want to focus on to give them the best shot at remaining injury free:

  1. Flexibility is huge for golfers in the entire swing process. It is imperative to gently warm up before swinging, and just as important to gently stretch your back, hamstrings and shoulders to keep your swing fluid and unrestricted. Being balanced side to side is imperative in helping you stay injury free.
  2. Upper Body Strength is essential to generate clubhead speed. Performing biceps curls, triceps extensions and push-ups are great activities to help maintain and gain strength in the upper body for golf. Start out light and slowly progress in these activities and you will be doing yourself a big favor when it comes time to hit the links.
  3. Core Strength helps maintain your balance and is required to keep your low back from injury. Simple crunches and isometric activities are great ways to maintain core strength. Core stability will help with MUCH more than golf, and its importance cannot be overstated.
  4. Lower Body Strength and mobility is necessary for power and aiding in controlling the direction the ball. Simple squats or mini squats help improve quad strength and lower body stability. Though the golf swing seems to be heavy in trunk rotation and arm swinging, leg strength and endurance is CRUCIAL to complete an injury round of golf.

If YOU are having any issues with lacking rotation, strength, stability or balance, PLEASE feel free to reach out and call 704-707-4282 in NC or 843-597-1853 in SC and LET US HELP YOU!!!.

Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions or concerns as we are always available to help.

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