Kathy’s Story: Chronic Back Pain Does NOT Have To Be Permanent

kathy-back-painRecently here at Volk Physical Therapy, we have seen an increased number of people suffering from back pain, but not just any back pain – pain that has progressed for years without any relief, or at best, occasional temporary relief.

Meet Kathy Lear, a 58 year old Concord location client. Click HERE to hear her story. Kathy came to see us, in response to an ad in the paper for our Free Low Back and Sciatica Workshop. She came in and immediately told me,

“There is nothing you can do for me, I have had pain for over a year and I clean houses for a living. It is hard to get out of bed and I am living on pain pills because of the pain.”

IF you want to see and hear Kathy talk about her experience with us, click HERE now.

Kathy was having problems getting up in the AM, experienced excruciating pain while attempting to clean houses, lived on pain medications and was unable to work out like she loved to do. She had “tried everything,” from one doctor to another, from medications to injections and everything in between. Kathy came in visibly upset and frustrated and emphatic that nothing could be done for her. I told her that we hear that story at Volk Physical Therapy all the time and we LOVE to work with people who have “tried everything” and are frustrated with the “normal” route of tests and medications, and being left hopeless and frustrated, believing that the pain they have MUST be a permanent nemesis.

Now, Kathy is having significantly less pain, a “miracle” from her perspective, she continues to clean houses with much less pain, no longer is living on pain medications and can actually get out of bed in the morning without the same pain or fear of the pain causing her to miss out on life and the things she loves to do!

Are you experiencing a constant nagging ache or a severe sharp or burning pain? Do YOU struggle getting through your day without pain, or FEAR doing something that will put you in bed for days? Do YOU struggle making your way through the grocery store? Are YOU having problems playing with your kids or grandkids?? Are you missing out on life and missing out on valuable time with your family and friends?? Is working out, or a simple walk out of the question?? Is pain draining your energy and zest for life??

IF you answered yes to any of the above, THIS may be the most important blog post you have ever read. We offer FREE Low Back and Sciatica Workshops at both of our clinics (Concord and Harrisburg, NC) at various times during the month. PLEASE let us know which office works best for you and we will let YOU know when the next FREE Workshop is available for YOU!!!!

PLEASE do not miss out on this opportunity and let us HELP you get moving, active and feeling young again, even after years of aches and pains. It is what we do!!!!

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