Feeling overwhelmed and frustrated? Not LIVING the way you want? Dealing with aches, pains and soreness that leave you feeling depressed and wondering what the future will bring?? IF so, YOU have come to the right place! We have SOLUTIONS for YOU!!

“We LOVE Getting the People of Charleston Moving, Active and Feeling Young Again, Without Pain Pills or Costly Surgeries.”

Here is a brief introduction from owner, Dean Volk, about our Physical Therapy clinic in Charleston...

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Are YOU Tired of Dealing With a Nagging Ache or Pain and Are Just Looking for Relief So You Can Get Back to Doing the Things You Love?

IF you are frustrated, skeptical, feeling hopeless, or are tired of:

  • Living on pain medications
  • Being told “you just have to live with it”
  • Being told there is nothing else that can be done…
  • Hearing “you may need surgery to fix that”
  • People telling you "It is just what happens with age"
  • Living in fear you will lose mobility and independence
  • Dealing with ongoing aches and pains that keep you from living fully

YOU have come to the right place!!!

Volk Physical Therapy – Charleston, is here to serve you and We COME To YOU!!! We are determined to get YOU the answers YOU need so YOU can make the wisest decisions possible for YOUR HEALTH!!!...

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What People Say About Volk PT...

Bernie Bernie, Late 40s, Harrisburg

I've been suffering with Sciatica for the last 2 years and been going to a chiropracter, after the last year it hasn't worked. I came here to Dean at Volk PT and he has put me into Total Motion Release Therapy. I've been on the road to recovery since then and it's been great. *

Kate Kate, Early 40s, Concord

I had pain every day, going upstairs, walking, just standing and my biggest passion is running and I was having pain walking so I couldn't even imagine running at that point. I tried a lot of rest, anti-inflammatories, working out and getting things stronger but that just made the pain worse. I waited about four months before I came here. Honestly, the minute I started here it helped and I should have come sooner. *

* Results may vary from person to person

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