Sitting and Sciatica


“I cannot find a comfortable position!” This is the most common complaint I hear from my sciatica clients and most of them say it about sitting. (Other top complaints which I will address in later posts are: “Any little movement is excruciating” “I don’t know why I am going through this” “It hurts from my…

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“It Hurts All the Way From My Butt to My Ankle!”

“It Hurts All the Way From My Butt to My Ankle!” “Why Am I Going Through This!?” “I Didn’t Do Anything to Cause This!” Sound familiar? Have you or someone you love said these things recently? Unfortunately, as I woke up at 2am, my wife was moaning these exact words. I actually wrote them down…

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2 Simple Yet Powerful Exercises to Ease Sciatica

Dealing with sciatica? Sick and tired of that leg aching, paining, burning, tingling or being numb? Is your foot involved? I see so many clients who complaint about that nagging, relentless leg pain, while others suffer the more nerve-like jolts throughout the day, for no real reason. I want to show you 2 simple things…

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