“Balance” Your Body Back to Normal Function – Part III


We have been talking about how the body naturally compensates during times of stiffness, tightness, soreness, discomfort or pain. Over the last two weeks we have discussed why this happens and gave multiple examples. Last week we shared the first two of four balancing activities I use to help balance out the imbalances that may be caused by these compensations. Today, will be short and brief as we are going to focus on the lower extremity activities I use to help alleviate imbalances. (IF you missed the last two blogs I strongly urge you to read them and watch the videos so you will not be lost: here are the blogs — First Balance Blog / Second Balance Blog.

My first video, click HERE, described how the body gets out of balance, and the second video, click HERE, describes the first two of four motions I use to discover imbalances. This next video, shows the final 2 activities I use to detect the bodies imbalances, and then what I do to fix them. For the third video in the series, click HERE.

Should you have any questions, PLEASE visit our WEBSITE HERE and see if the answers you need are there. IF not you can ask for a phone consult and speak with me directly to see if and how I can help YOU!! My goal with this series is to give you things you can do right now to help yourself out…..Please email me at dean@volkpt.com IF you have any further questions for me. I look forward to hearing from you!!!

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