3 Simple Ways to Keep Your Back from “Going Out” this Christmas Season

The Christmas season is supposed to be a joyful relaxing time, but the reality is that it is much more stressful than we’d like. Between family gatherings, shopping, travel, and the disruption of your normal routine, it can be easy for your back to suffer. Here are simple tips for staying out of pain this Christmas season!

1. Drink Lots of Water

Many people overlook this simple way to stay injury free. Your body NEEDS water to stay

lubricated, mobile and free. IF you forget to drink enough water in the day, you are at risk to pull a muscle, stiffen up and injure yourself. Typically, people do a lot more bending and sitting this time of year, wrapping gifts, preparing meals, shopping and decorating, and without enough water, you are an accident waiting to happen……..SO please drink water!!

2. Don’t Sit Too Long

Experts agree that a sedentary lifestyle is detrimental to overall health and well-being. Sitting is the ‘new smoking’ and sitting still for too long will make you stiff and could eventually lead to muscle spasms and cause injury. Take time during those long family meals to get up and walk around.  Too much sitting, is known to cause back problems and eventually lead to debilitating episodes.

3. Make Time to Move

The holidays can be incredibly busy, and we get out of sync with our normal activities. It’s important to give yourself time to move. Taking walks with family, friends pets or even alone is a great way to stay active and moving and alleviate stress.  It is also good way to spend time with family and get caught up with friends. There are also plenty things you can do at home, such as standing while watching TV and rooting on your team(s), easy stretching or light exercise every couple hours will leave you way more relaxed, limber, and prevent back pain.

There you have it. 3 very simple, cheap and easy ways to help keep back issues to a minimum this holiday season. Should you want more information on ways to keep your back from acting up, CLICK HERE for my Free Low Back Report, and we will send it right to your inbox, just in time for the holidays!!!!!

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