2 Simple Yet Powerful Exercises to Ease Sciatica

Dealing with sciatica? Sick and tired of that leg aching, paining, burning, tingling or being numb? Is your foot involved? I see so many clients who complaint about that nagging, relentless leg pain, while others suffer the more nerve-like jolts throughout the day, for no real reason. I want to show you 2 simple things you can do to help this. Here is a video of a real client, who showed up before a workshop to get some help and I videoed her treatment and watch the results for yourself:

If you watch the video, AND are suffering from sciatica, DO NOT do as many repetitions of leg lifts as I made her do!! I knew her from previous PT and knew what she was capable of doing. Start with 2 sets of 15 and IF easy can go up to 2 sets of 25. Remember to ONLY do stretches or lift to the GOOD, uninvolved side. Then after each the second sets, retest 1x lift to the bad side in order to see IF there is a change. See below for an alternative way to lift the leg without using your arms as in the video.

Second exercise on video can also be done in sitting, by crossing GOOD ankle over bad knee and pulling bad knee to the opposite shoulder. See picture below for alternative to video stretch. Hold stretch x 30” and repeat 5x.

I would LOVE to hear how these exercises worked for you. PLEASE email me at dean@volkpt.com and let me know!!!!

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